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Automate your workflow seamlessly with Poper and Zapier integration.

Zapier + Poper Integration
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About Zapier Integration

Streamline your lead management and automate your marketing efforts with the integration of Poper and Zapier. By leveraging Poper’s intelligent popup and lead capture capabilities, you can gather valuable visitor information and forward it directly to Zapier.

Zapier then empowers you to automate a variety of actions across multiple apps, from sending automated emails to adding new leads to your CRM.

This integration offers businesses an efficient and effective way to ensure leads are nurtured and engaged without manual intervention, maximizing productivity and enhancing marketing outcomes.

Use Cases

Automated Email Campaigns

Capture leads through Poper and instantly trigger automated email campaigns in Zapier. Ensure new subscribers receive timely welcome emails, drip campaigns, or special offers without any manual effort.

Newsletter Subscriptions

Grow your email lists effortlessly by using Poper’s popups to capture visitor information and automatically subscribing them to your newsletter through a Zapier automation.

Distribute Discount Coupons

Use Poper to offer exclusive discount coupons via popups. Zapier can then automatically send these coupons to leads via email, ensuring a seamless distribution process.

Ebook and Resource Delivery

Offer valuable resources like eBooks or guides through Poper, capturing leads who are interested. Zapier will then trigger the automatic delivery of these digital assets to the new leads.

Add Leads to CRM

Streamline your sales process by capturing leads with Poper and automatically adding them to your CRM using Zapier. Ensure your sales team has immediate access to new potential customers.

Customer Support Follow-up

Enhance customer support by capturing contact information via Poper and using Zapier to trigger follow-up actions such as making a call, sending a support email, or creating a support ticket.