What's Behind Poper?

How was Poper started?

While we were deep into developing Grigora, our journey hit a block - creating engaging and effective popups was a real headache 🤯. Every attempt was more frustrating than the last, and nothing seemed to work the way we wanted. That's when it hit us 💡: If we were struggling, surely others were too. So, we took this challenge head-on and started brainstorming.

The idea was simple yet ambitious: to craft an AI-driven popup builder that wasn't just another tool, but a game-changer in how websites interact with visitors. We envisioned Poper as this super smart assistant that could effortlessly turn casual browsers into loyal customers 🌟.

Armed with our pain points and a vision to solve them, we dove into the world of AI and user experience design. It wasn't just about popups; it was about revolutionizing the first point of contact between a website and its visitors. We wanted to ensure that every popup felt like it was made just for you, offering value and not just another annoying interruption.

That's how Poper was born - out of a need to solve a personal pain point that turned into a mission to change the popup game for everyone 🚀. More about our Brand.

What makes us unique?

What sets Poper apart is our groundbreaking approach to popups - they're smart, intuitive, and crafted specifically for your page's content 🎯. Here's the scoop:

Automatically Tailored to Your ContentOur AI doesn't just create popups; it crafts experiences that are in perfect harmony with your page's content. Whether it's a blog post, a product page on your Shopify store, or a call to action for your newsletter, Poper ensures the message is just right ✨.

Sky-High Conversion RatesBecause our popups are so spot-on and relevant, visitors are much more likely to engage. This isn't about shooting in the dark; it's about precision targeting that turns visitors into customers, subscribers, and fans 🚀.

Versatile for Any PlatformGot a Shopify store? Run a blog? Doesn't matter. Poper is designed to integrate seamlessly across various platforms, making it a versatile tool in your digital arsenal 🛠️.

Ease of Use Meets SophisticationWe've struck the perfect balance between simplicity and advanced features. You don't need to be a tech whiz to use Poper. Our platform is user-friendly, yet packed with powerful tools to customize and optimize your popups for the best results 🎨.

In essence, Poper is not just another popup builder. We're a revolution in how businesses connect with their audience, ensuring every popup is a step towards conversion and customer satisfaction 🌈.

The Poper Mission

At Poper, our mission is all about turning every website visit into a golden opportunity. Here's the heart of what we're about:

🌟 Turning Browsers into Buyers: We believe that every person who lands on your site has the potential to become a valuable customer. Our goal? To make that happen, one popup at a time.

✨ Making Marketing Easy: Who says you need to be a marketing guru to boost your sales? We're here to cut through the jargon and complexity, giving you the tools to create popups that really speak to your visitors.

📈 Skyrocketing Your Success: It's not just about clicks; it's about connections. We're dedicated to boosting your conversion rates, transforming casual visitors into committed customers and fans.

👋 For Everyone and Anyone: Whether you're just starting out or you're already established, Poper is your partner. We're democratizing marketing tools, making sure every business, big or small, can access top-notch tech.

💕 Building Bonds: At the end of the day, it's all about connection. We're not just increasing your sales; we're helping you build relationships that last, turning first-time visitors into lifelong customers.

Poper's mission? Simple: to ensure your website isn't just a stopover but a starting point for long-lasting customer relationships.


  • 2024-01-07

    Rapid Development

    We hit the ground running by starting the build on January 7th, showcasing our team's ability to quickly turn ideas into reality.

  • 2024-01-10

    Launch in Lightning Speed

    Just days after starting, we created the first version of Poper in just 3 days! A testament to our team\'s dedication and the power of our vision. Check out our initial steps on Twitter where we embraced the #buildinpublic ethos: [https://bit.ly/poperX]

  • 2024-02-27

    Growing Anticipation

    The excitement for Poper quickly spread, leading to over 600 people joining our waitlist even before our official launch. This incredible response highlights the demand for innovative solutions in digital engagement.

  • 2024-04-03


    On April 3rd, we officially launched Poper to the world! Our team worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth and successful launch, marking the beginning of our journey to revolutionize digital interactions.

These milestones mark the beginning of our journey. With a focus on innovation, speed, and community engagement, we're excited to continue paving the way for a new era of digital interactions. Stay tuned as we build, innovate, and grow with the support of our enthusiastic community.