Brand Assets

Our name

"Poper" is a single word with no spaces or hyphens. When written, it should always be capitalized as "Poper" and never "POPER" or "poper." Pronounced as "paw-per," the name is a nod to the action of "popping up" on a website, which is what our platform does best.

Our logo

We have two versions of our logo: the full logo and the icon. The full logo features the word "poper" in a bold, modern font, while the icon is a baloon that represents our brand.

Poper Logo

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Our color

We have only one primary color, which is used in our logo and across our branding. The color is a attention-grabbing orange (Orioles Orange) that represents our brand's energy and innovation.


Our fonts

We use Poppins as our primary font for all our branding and marketing materials. Some of the headings and subheadings may use Archivo Black for a bold and modern look.

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