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Easily show engaging popups on your WordPress site with the Poper integration.

WordPress + Poper Integration
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About WordPress Integration

The WordPress integration with Poper facilitates seamless installation and deployment of dynamic popups directly on your WordPress site. Poper, an AI-driven popup builder, is designed to enhance user engagement and improve conversion rates through visually appealing, context-aware popups.

This integration simplifies the process of adding Poper’s features to your WordPress website, enabling you to leverage its powerful tools for various purposes, including building email lists, offering discounts, and more.

Poper’s ability to deliver personalized and targeted messages will help you captivate your visitors and drive them towards meaningful actions.

Use Cases

Capture Leads with Engaging Popups

Easily add Poper to your WordPress site to capture leads through engaging popups. Use these popups to build your email list by collecting visitor information efficiently.

Offer Discounts to Targeted Users

Utilize advanced targeting options in Poper to show discount offers to specific groups of visitors based on UTM tags or geolocation. This helps increase your chances of converting the right audience.

Show Custom Promotions and Coupons

Deploy popups that display special promotions, coupon codes, or discounts, designed to attract and retain customers. These popups can easily be added to any page on your WordPress site.

Enhance User Engagement with Context-Aware Popups

Leverage Poper's AI-driven technology to create context-aware popups that respond to user behavior on your WordPress site. This results in highly personalized interactions that keep visitors engaged.

Boost Conversion Rates with Exit-Intent Popups

Automatically show exit-intent popups to visitors about to leave your site, offering them compelling reasons to stay, subscribe, or make a purchase, effectively reducing bounce rates.