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Effortlessly capture and act on leads with Poper’s Webhook integration.

Webhook + Poper Integration
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About Webhook Integration

The Poper and Webhook integration offers a dynamic solution for capturing and managing leads in real-time. By synchronizing Poper's intelligent popups and form captures with Webhook URLs, you can seamlessly send raw data responses directly to your specified endpoints.

This integration allows developers to initiate custom workflows, such as adding testimonials, sending automated messages, creating new user accounts, or any other action that fits their business needs.

With Poper’s powerful engagement tools and webhook flexibility, the possibilities for automating and optimizing your online interactions are endless.

Use Cases

Automate Testimonials Collection

Utilize Poper to capture customer feedback through engaging popups, and send this data to a Webhook URL to automatically add testimonials to your site or database.

Trigger Automated Welcome Messages

Send leads captured with Poper directly to a Webhook URL, triggering instant welcome messages or onboarding emails from your internal messaging system.

Create User Accounts Seamlessly

Use Poper to gather user registration details and send them to a Webhook URL, enabling automatic creation of new user accounts in your system.

Lead Enrichment and CRM Integration

Streamline your lead management by capturing visitor information via Poper and sending it to a Webhook URL, where it can be enriched with additional data and integrated into your CRM.

Internal Notification Triggers

Set up Poper to capture leads and send the raw data to a Webhook URL, where it triggers internal notifications for your sales or support teams, ensuring timely follow-up.

Custom Workflows and Automations

Leverage Poper's data capture by sending leads to a Webhook URL to initiate any custom workflows or automations according to your specific business requirements, enabling limitless possibilities.