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Easily install and display Poper popups on your Squarespace website with our seamless integration.

Squarespace + Poper Integration
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About Squarespace Integration

The Poper integration for Squarespace provides a simple yet powerful way to enhance visitor engagement and conversion rates on your Squarespace website. By installing Poper, you can effortlessly create and display intelligent popups that are highly customizable and tailored to your audience.

Whether you aim to build your email list, offer targeted discounts, or engage users based on specific behaviors, this integration ensures that your popups are both effective and easy to manage.

Take full advantage of Poper's AI-driven technology to boost your marketing efforts without compromising the design and functionality of your Squarespace site.

Use Cases

Effortless Popup Installation

With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly install Poper on your Squarespace website, allowing you to easily create and display engaging popups to your visitors.

Email List Building

Use Poper popups to capture visitor emails and grow your email list. You can offer incentives like discounts or exclusive content to encourage sign-ups and manage these leads within your email marketing platform.

Targeted Discount Offers

Offer targeted discounts to select users utilizing UTM tags and geolocation settings. Poper allows you to personalize the user experience and drive higher conversions by showing relevant offers to the right audience.

Geolocation-Based Promotions

Leverage geolocation data to display location-specific promotions and offers. This ensures your popups are relevant and engaging for visitors from different regions.

Boost Sales with Coupon Codes

Show popups offering coupon codes or special promotions to visitors at strategic points during their browsing experience, encouraging them to make a purchase and boosting your sales.

Enhanced User Experience

Implement popups that enhance the user experience on your Squarespace site, such as exit-intent popups, scroll-triggered recommendations, and time-delayed promos, ensuring visitors stay engaged and are more likely to convert.