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Supercharge your email marketing with seamless Poper and Sendy integration, sending leads effortlessly and affordably.

Sendy + Poper Integration
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About Sendy Integration

The integration of Poper with Sendy combines the intelligent, dynamic popup capabilities of Poper with the cost-effective email marketing solutions offered by Sendy. Poper captures visitor information through tailored popups and widgets, optimized with robust AI algorithms to engage your audience effectively.

These leads are then sent to Sendy, where you can automate your email marketing efforts using Sendy’s powerful, yet affordable, email delivery system.

Leveraging this integration, businesses can enhance their marketing strategies, deliver personalized email campaigns, and optimize customer engagement, all while keeping costs low.

Use Cases

Greet New Visitors with Personal Touch

Capture new visitors' information with Poper's personalized welcome popups and send their details to Sendy. Automated greeting emails and introductory offers can then be sent through Sendy, enhancing user engagement from the get-go.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Utilize Poper to detect cart abandonment and capture user details. These leads are seamlessly integrated into Sendy, enabling you to send automated reminders and special offers to recover lost sales.

Offer Exclusive Discounts through Exit-Intent Popups

Deploy Poper’s exit-intent technology to capture the details of visitors who are about to leave your site. These leads can then be added to Sendy for follow-up emails, offering exclusive discounts or valuable content to re-engage them.

Promote Content Downloads

Create popups with download buttons for eBooks, whitepapers, or other valuable content using Poper. Capture visitor details and send them to Sendy, where you can automate thank-you emails and additional follow-ups.

Grow Your Email List with Engaging Popups

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter with incentive-driven popups created by Poper. These new subscribers are then managed in Sendy, where you can nurture them with regular updates and personalized content.

Create Time-Delayed Promos for Engaged Visitors

Use Poper to display time-delayed promotions for visitors who spend a certain amount of time on your site. Capture their details and automate the delivery of exclusive offers and updates through Sendy, ensuring continuous engagement.