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Effortlessly elevate your marketing automation with Poper and SendPulse integration.

Send Pulse + Poper Integration
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About Send Pulse Integration

Integrate Poper's AI-driven popups with SendPulse to streamline your lead capture and email marketing efforts. Poper's intelligent popups help you engage visitors and collect their information in real-time.

These leads are then automatically sent to SendPulse, where you can harness the power of marketing automation to send personalized emails, newsletters, and offers.

Whether you're looking to distribute eBooks, send discount coupons, promote sales, or enroll users in courses, Poper and SendPulse work together to optimize your marketing strategy and enhance user engagement.

Use Cases

Welcome Offers for New Subscribers

Use Poper to create engaging welcome popups that capture new visitor details. These leads are instantly transferred to SendPulse, allowing you to send a welcome email with special offers or introductory discounts.

Exit-Intent Discounts

Deploy exit-intent popups via Poper to capture visitors who are about to leave your site. Offer them a special discount or deal, and automatically send these leads to SendPulse for immediate follow-up emails.

Scroll-Triggered Content Downloads

Enable scroll-triggered popups to offer visitors downloadable eBooks or guides based on their browsing behavior. Collected leads are sent to SendPulse, where you can automate follow-up emails to nurture these prospects.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Capture leads of visitors who abandon their carts using Poper popups. These leads are synced with SendPulse, enabling you to send automated cart recovery emails with personalized incentives to complete the purchase.

Newsletter Sign-Up Incentives

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter through Poper’s well-timed popups offering exclusive content or discounts. New subscribers are managed in SendPulse, where you can send them regular updates and promotions.

Promote Online Courses

Utilize Poper to promote your online courses with appealing popups that capture visitor information. These leads are directed to SendPulse, where you can automate a sequence of emails to onboard and engage new students, keeping them informed and motivated.