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Easily enhance your OpenCart website's engagement and sales with Poper integration.

OpenCart + Poper Integration
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About OpenCart Integration

Integrating Poper with OpenCart provides a seamless way to boost user engagement and increase sales on your eCommerce store.

With Poper’s AI-driven popups, you can create dynamic, engaging popups that respond to user behavior in real-time. This integration allows OpenCart users to install Poper effortlessly and start using advanced popup features to drive conversions.

Known for its powerful customization options, real-time analytics, and intuitive drag-and-drop builder, Poper helps you make the most out of your OpenCart store by offering personalized, context-aware popups that enhance the shopping experience.

Use Cases

Boost Sales with Countdown Timer Popups

Create urgency and encourage quick purchases by displaying countdown timer popups on your OpenCart site. These time-sensitive offers can significantly increase conversion rates by pushing customers to act swiftly.

Grow Your Email List with Subscription Popups

Use Poper to create attractive popups that offer visitors compelling incentives to subscribe to your email list. This helps you build a robust mailing list for future marketing efforts.

Offer Targeted Discounts with UTM Tags

Display special discount offers to specific user segments based on UTM tags. Tailor your promotions to different marketing campaigns, making your advertising efforts more effective.

Provide Location-Based Offers

Utilize geolocation features to offer targeted discounts and special offers to visitors based on their location. This ensures that the content is relevant and enticing for different geographical markets.

Distribute Coupon Codes Effectively

Show popups offering coupon codes to visitors as they navigate through your OpenCart site. This can help in converting window shoppers into actual buyers by providing them with an added incentive.