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Effortlessly enhance your website's engagement and conversion rates with seamless Poper and Mautic integration.

Mautic + Poper Integration
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About Mautic Integration

Poper and Mautic integration empowers website owners to capture and manage leads efficiently. Poper’s AI-driven popups deliver personalized and context-aware messages that engage visitors and capture their information.

These leads are then automatically synced with Mautic, a self-hosted and cost-effective email marketing solution, allowing businesses to send automated emails, newsletter subscriptions, promotional offers, and much more.

This seamless integration ensures that your marketing workflows are streamlined and effective, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Use Cases

Welcome New Visitors with Custom Greetings

Engage new visitors with personalized welcome popups created by Poper. Capture their contact information and automatically add it to Mautic for targeted welcome email campaigns.

Retain Visitors with Exit-Intent Offers

Utilize exit-intent technology through Poper to capture leads from visitors about to leave. Offer them discounts or exclusive content, which are then followed up with automated emails through Mautic.

Promote Content with Scroll-Triggered Popups

Show relevant content suggestions through Poper as users scroll through your site. Capture their details and use Mautic to send them more targeted content recommendations via email.

Boost Sales with Time-Delayed Promotions

Deploy time-delayed popups with special offers through Poper. Capture engaged users' information and nurture them with automated sales emails using Mautic to boost conversions.

Recover Lost Sales with Cart Abandonment Popups

Use Poper to remind visitors of cart items they left behind. Automatically send targeted cart recovery emails through Mautic to entice them to complete their purchase.

Grow Your Email List with Subscription Incentives

Attract new subscribers by offering incentives like discounts or exclusive content through Poper's subscription popups. Automatically add these subscribers to Mautic to receive ongoing email campaigns and newsletters.