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Elevate your lead management and automation with Poper and integration.

Make + Poper Integration
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About Make Integration

The integration between Poper, an AI-driven popup builder, and (formerly Integromat) brings unparalleled automation capabilities to your website's lead management. With Poper, capture and engage visitors through smart popups tailored to user behavior, and seamlessly send these leads to triggers. enables you to set up complex workflows that handle follow-up emails, newsletter subscriptions, offer distributions, CRM updates, and more—all automatically.

This robust integration helps businesses save time, improve lead nurturing, and optimize their digital marketing strategies with minimal effort.

Use Cases

Automated Welcome Emails

Capture new leads with Poper's custom popups and send the captured data to a trigger to automatically send personalized welcome emails, enhancing initial engagement.

Dynamic Newsletter Subscriptions

Use Poper to capture email subscriptions through engaging popups and then leverage to automatically add these leads to your newsletter distribution list, ensuring timely and relevant communications.

Automated Special Offers and Coupons

Capture visitor information using popups for special offers or discount codes. Automate the distribution of these offers using, ensuring your leads receive timely and relevant incentives.

CRM Lead Syncing

Automatically send leads captured by Poper to your CRM system through triggers, keeping your sales pipeline updated and enabling your sales team to follow up promptly.

Ebook and Course Distribution

Offer valuable resources like ebooks or online courses through Poper. Use to automatically deliver these resources to subscribers, ensuring a seamless and efficient distribution process.

Integrated Customer Support Workflow

Capture queries or support requests via Poper's popups. Send these details to to trigger customer support workflows, ensuring timely responses and improving customer satisfaction.