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Enhance your website’s engagement and conversion rates with seamless Poper and MailerLite integration.

Mailerlite + Poper Integration
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About Mailerlite Integration

Poper's AI-driven platform pairs seamlessly with MailerLite to streamline lead capture and email marketing. This integration allows you to engage visitors through personalized popups and dynamically send captured leads directly to your MailerLite account.

Once in MailerLite, these leads can be segmented and added to targeted email campaigns, automated workflows, newsletters, and more.

Whether you’re offering discounts, promoting sales, or sharing valuable content, Poper and MailerLite together provide an efficient solution to boost user engagement and conversion rates on your website.

Use Cases

Personalized Welcome Popups

Use Poper to create engaging welcome messages for new visitors. Captured leads are sent directly to MailerLite where they can be added to welcome email sequences and nurtured from the first interaction.

Exit-Intent Offers

Deploy exit-intent popups via Poper to capture visitors who are about to leave your site. These leads are then sent to MailerLite, where they can receive timely offers or discounts designed to win back their interest.

Content Download Popups

Offer valuable content such as ebooks or courses through download popups. When visitors opt-in, their information is sent to MailerLite, triggering an automatic email with the download link, ensuring immediate content delivery.

Newsletter Subscription Prompts

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter through attractive popups. New subscribers are instantaneously added to your MailerLite email list, where they can receive regular updates, news, and promotions.

Discount Coupon Offers

Use Poper to offer special discount coupons via popups. The information of interested visitors is forwarded to MailerLite, allowing automated emails containing the discount codes to be sent, driving sales and customer loyalty.

Promotion of Online Courses

Promote your online courses effectively through Poper popups. When visitors express interest, their details are captured and sent to MailerLite, where they receive automated emails with course information and enrollment steps.