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Effortlessly install and display Poper popups on your Magento website to boost engagement and drive conversions.

Magento + Poper Integration
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About Magento Integration

Integrating Poper with Magento allows you to seamlessly display intelligent popups on your Magento website, enhancing user experience and engagement without any complicated setup. With Poper's AI-driven technology, you can create and deploy tailored popups that respond to user behavior, encouraging actions that lead to conversions.

Whether you aim to grow your email list, offer personalized discounts, or engage users with targeted content, the Poper-Magento integration provides a flexible and efficient solution for achieving your business goals.

By leveraging Poper's advanced targeting options and real-time analytics, you can optimize your popup strategies to maximize their efficacy on your Magento site.

Use Cases

Create Custom Email Signup Popups

Grow your email list by easily creating and displaying email signup popups on your Magento website. Use Poper to capture visitor information and build a valuable email list for future marketing efforts.

Offer UTM-Targeted Discounts

Use Poper's advanced targeting capabilities to show personalized discount offers to visitors arriving from specific UTM-tagged campaigns. This ensures relevant promotions are seen by the right audience, boosting conversion rates.

Geolocation-Based Offers

Display location-specific promotions by utilizing Poper’s geolocation targeting. Tailor your popup messages to regional preferences and behaviors, enhancing user experience and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Show Discount Coupons to Engage Users

Entice visitors with time-sensitive discount coupons through popups, encouraging them to complete their purchases. Poper allows you to customize these popups for maximum impact on your Magento site.

Enhance Product Promotions

Highlight new arrivals, best-sellers, or special deals through customized popups as visitors browse your Magento store. This draws attention to key products and can drive sales.

Exit-Intent Offers to Prevent Cart Abandonment

Reduce cart abandonment rates by showing exit-intent popups with special offers or reminders when a visitor is about to leave your website. This strategy can help recover potentially lost sales.