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Effortlessly integrate Poper with your Joomla website to boost user engagement and conversions.

Joomla + Poper Integration
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About Joomla Integration

The Poper integration with Joomla allows website owners to easily add and manage AI-driven popups on their Joomla sites. Poper’s popup builder helps in enhancing visitor interaction through personalized and targeted popups, ensuring that the messages reach the right audience at the right time.

Whether you're looking to build your email list, offer special discounts, or capture visitor feedback, this integration provides a seamless way to elevate your online presence and engagement.

With Poper, Joomla users can leverage intelligent popups to drive conversions, lower bounce rates, and increase overall user satisfaction.

Use Cases

Add Poper to Your Joomla Website

Easily install and manage Poper popups on your Joomla site through seamless integration, allowing you to enhance user engagement without any hassle.

Build Your Email List

Utilize popups to capture visitor emails and build your email list. This integration ensures that you can run efficient lead-generation campaigns directly on your Joomla site.

Offer Targeted Discounts Using UTM Tags

Show special discounts and offers to targeted user groups based on UTM tags, ensuring that your messages are relevant and engaging for each visitor.

Geolocation-based Offers

Deliver personalized discount codes and special offers to users based on their geolocation. This ensures that your promotions are relevant and enticing for visitors from different regions.

Display Special Coupons

Use popups to display special discount coupons and promotional codes, encouraging visitors to make purchases and improving your site's conversion rates.