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Google Tag Manager

Seamlessly install and display Poper popups on your website with Google Tag Manager integration.

Google Tag Manager + Poper Integration
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About Google Tag Manager Integration

The integration between Poper and Google Tag Manager (GTM) makes it incredibly easy for website owners to implement and show engaging popups through Poper on their websites. By utilizing GTM, you can quickly install Poper without requiring any major changes to your website’s backend code.

This integration ensures that you can dynamically display relevant popups to your visitors, enhancing their experience and nudging them toward desired actions.

With Poper's advanced features combined with GTM's flexibility, you can effortlessly target your audience based on various criteria such as UTM tags or geolocation, making your engagement strategies more effective and precise.

Use Cases

Effortless Installation with GTM

Use Google Tag Manager to install Poper on your website seamlessly. This eliminates the need for complex coding, allowing you to quickly implement Poper's engaging popups with minimal technical effort.

Building an Email List

Leverage Poper popups to capture emails and grow your subscriber list. By displaying well-timed popups on your GTM-powered website, you can encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter or other email campaigns.

Targeted Discounts Using UTM Tags

Show personalized discount offers to visitors based on UTM tags. Poper, integrated with GTM, allows you to create smart popups that appear only to users coming from specific campaigns, optimizing your marketing efforts.

Geolocation-Based Offers

Display location-specific offers and promotions. Using Poper with GTM, you can set up popups to deliver customized messages to users based on their geolocation, increasing relevance and engagement.

Coupon Code Popups

Boost conversions by showing popup-based coupon codes to targeted users. With Poper, you can create attractive coupon code popups that appear under specific conditions managed through GTM, enticing visitors to complete their purchases.