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Effortlessly install and display Poper popups on your Duda website for enhanced engagement and conversions.

Duda + Poper Integration
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About Duda Integration

Leverage the power of Poper AI-driven popups directly on your Duda website with this seamless integration. This integration allows you to easily incorporate customizable popups into your Duda-built sites, serving a variety of purposes from improving user engagement to boosting conversion rates. With Poper, you can create personalized user experiences by showing tailored messages, offers, and incentives that keep visitors engaged and lead to higher retention rates. This straightforward installation process ensures you're getting the most from Poper's exceptional popup capabilities without any complications.

Use Cases

Personalized Welcome Popups

Enhance the user experience by greeting new visitors with personalized welcome messages on your Duda website. These messages can be tailored to align with visitor interests, encouraging further exploration and interaction.

Email List Building

Capture visitor information and grow your email list by displaying well-timed popups. Collect emails from interested visitors and use the gathered data to nurture leads through future marketing efforts.

Geolocation-Based Discounts

Target visitors based on their geographic location to offer region-specific discounts and promotions. This geo-targeting ensures that the content is relevant and increases the likelihood of conversions.

UTM-Tagged Offers

Use UTM tags to track the source of your traffic and display targeted offers to these users. This helps in personalizing the visitor experience and boosting engagement by showing relevant promotions.

Exit-Intent Offers

Deploy exit-intent popups to capture the attention of visitors about to leave your Duda site. Offering compelling deals or reminders can reduce bounce rates and encourage visitors to complete a desired action before exiting.

Time-Based Promotions

Display time-based promotions to visitors who spend a significant amount of time on your site. These promotions can entice engaged users with special offers, thereby increasing conversion rates.