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Seamlessly capture leads with Poper and transform them into loyal customers using Drip's powerful email automation.

Drip + Poper Integration
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About Drip Integration

Integrating Poper with Drip creates a streamlined flow for capturing and nurturing leads, tailored to your marketing objectives. Poper's intuitive, AI-driven popup builder helps you engage visitors and capture their information effectively.

Once collected, these leads are directly sent to Drip, a sophisticated email marketing automation platform. Drip allows you to segment your audience, create personalized email sequences, and automate your marketing efforts efficiently.

This integration empowers businesses to convert casual visitors into loyal customers through strategic email marketing campaigns.

Use Cases

Welcome New Subscribers with Personalized Emails

Capture visitors' information using Poper’s engaging welcome popups, then automatically send personalized welcome emails through Drip, ensuring a warm introduction to your brand.

Increase Engagement with Exit-Intent Offers

Utilize Poper's exit-intent popups to grab the attention of users about to leave your site. Send the captured lead information to Drip to trigger automated emails with special offers or content, increasing the chance of retaining those visitors.

Deliver Ebooks and Course Material Automatically

Use Poper to offer valuable content like ebooks and online courses. Drip can automatically send the relevant content to leads, nurturing them and providing value at the right time.

Promote Sales and Discounts Effectively

Capture email leads through targeted Poper popups offering discounts or sales promotions. Drip then uses these leads to send timely and personalized promotional emails, driving conversions and increasing sales.

Grow Newsletter Subscriptions

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter with attractive incentives displayed via Poper popups. These leads are added to Drip, where you can manage and segment subscribers, sending them regular updates and engaging content.

Automate Follow-Up Campaigns

Capture potential customer details through Poper’s customizable forms. Drip can then automate follow-up email campaigns, ensuring consistent engagement and nurturing of your leads until they convert into customers.