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Customer IO

Customer IO

Easily send leads from Poper to for advanced email automation and workflows.

Customer IO + Poper Integration
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About Customer IO Integration

Integrate Poper with to supercharge your email marketing efforts and streamline lead management. Poper captures visitor information through customized popups and seamlessly transfers these leads to, a robust marketing automation platform.

With, you can create sophisticated journeys and workflows to nurture leads through personalized email campaigns, newsletters, and targeted offers.

By combining Poper's engaging user experiences with's advanced automation capabilities, you can optimize your marketing strategies, improve engagement, and drive conversions.

Use Cases

Welcome New Subscribers with Personalized Emails

Capture new subscribers through Poper's welcome popups and automatically send their details to Use's automation workflows to send personalized welcome emails, helping to establish a strong connection with your audience from the start.

Retain Visitors with Exit-Intent Offers

Deploy exit-intent popups via Poper to capture leads just as they are about to leave your site. These leads are sent to, where you can automate follow-up emails with compelling offers or discounts to bring them back.

Grow Email Lists with Content Upgrades and Incentives

Use Poper popups to offer content upgrades, such as eBooks or exclusive articles, in exchange for email subscriptions. These leads are transferred to, allowing you to nurture them with targeted content and promotional offers.

Automate Promotional Campaigns

Capture leads through Poper's promotional popups and sync them with Use's workflows to send automated emails with special discounts, sales announcements, or exclusive deals, driving higher engagement and conversions.

Enhance Engagement with Timely Follow-ups

Utilize Poper popups to capture leads based on visitor interactions. These leads are then managed in, where you can set up timely follow-ups and reminder emails, ensuring that you stay connected with your audience.

Personalize User Journeys with Advanced Workflows

Send leads from Poper to and utilize its advanced workflows to create personalized user journeys. Whether it’s for a course signup, event registration, or product launch, automate your communications to provide a cohesive and engaging experience.