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Effortlessly enhance your website's engagement and conversion rates with seamless Poper and Campaign Monitor integration.

Campaign Monitor + Poper Integration
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About Campaign Monitor Integration

Poper, the AI-driven popup builder, integrates seamlessly with Campaign Monitor to provide an all-encompassing solution for capturing and nurturing website leads. Utilizing Poper's intelligent popups, you can engage visitors effectively and funnel their information directly into Campaign Monitor.

With this integration, leveraging Campaign Monitor’s robust email marketing and automation functionalities becomes easier than ever.

The captured leads can be segmented and targeted with automated email sequences, newsletters, and special offers, ensuring timely and personalized communication that enhances user engagement and boosts conversion rates.

Use Cases

Download eBook with One-Click Popups

Offer visitors an easy way to download an eBook through Poper's popups. Once they submit their email, their details are sent to Campaign Monitor, where they can receive automated follow-up emails related to the eBook content.

Exit-Intent Offers for Retention

Deploy exit-intent popups through Poper to capture visitors just before they leave your site. These popups can offer special discounts or deals, and the collected leads are sent to Campaign Monitor for personalized email campaigns aimed at retaining potential customers.

Newsletter Subscription Made Easy

Capture visitor emails with subscription popups through Poper. These new subscribers are automatically added to your Campaign Monitor email list, where they can receive regular newsletters filled with valuable content and updates.

Automated Discount Coupons

Trigger Poper popups to offer discount coupons to visitors who show interest in your products. The captured leads are sent to Campaign Monitor, where an automated email sequence sends the coupon code and encourages further interaction with your brand.

Course Enrollment Simplification

Utilize Poper to capture leads for online courses. When visitors show interest and enter their information, their details are sent to Campaign Monitor, which sends them an automated series of emails containing course details, enrollment steps, and reminders.

Engage with Sales Offers

Show time-sensitive sales offers through Poper's popups. These leads are then sent to Campaign Monitor, where automated emails will keep them engaged with periodic reminders and special offers.