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Effortlessly enhance your website’s engagement and conversions with Poper and Brevo integration.

Brevo + Poper Integration
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About Brevo Integration

The Poper and Brevo integration seamlessly combines Poper's AI-driven popup capabilities with Brevo's comprehensive email marketing and automation tools. Poper enables you to create engaging, customizable popups that collect valuable lead information from your website visitors.

Once captured, these leads are automatically sent to Brevo, where you can leverage powerful automation features to send personalized emails, newsletters, offers, and more.

This integration ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, helping you to nurture leads, increase conversions, and maintain strong relationships with your audience.

Use Cases

Welcome New Subscribers with Personalized Greetings

Use Poper to capture new visitors' information and send them warm, personalized welcome emails through Brevo. These initial touchpoints can set the tone for a long-term relationship by introducing your brand and offerings.

Send Exclusive Offers with Exit-Intent Popups

Deploy exit-intent popups on your website using Poper to capture visitors about to leave. These popups can offer exclusive discounts or deals to entice them to stay or subscribe, with leads automatically sent to Brevo for follow-up emails.

Deliver Relevant Content Downloads

Trigger popups that offer valuable content like ebooks or guides when visitors show interest. Collect their information through Poper and use Brevo to send the promised content along with additional related resources to nurture their interest.

Automate Sales Promotions

Capture leads interested in your sales promotions through Poper popups. Automatically send these leads to Brevo, where you can set up automated emails to inform them about upcoming sales, special discount codes, and limited-time offers.

Grow Your Newsletter List with Incentives

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter by offering incentives such as discounts or exclusive content through well-timed Poper popups. These subscribers are then seamlessly added to your Brevo email list for targeted newsletter campaigns.

Educate and Engage with Course Sign-ups

Offer online courses or webinars through popups that capture visitor interest. Send these leads to Brevo, where you can use automated sequences to provide course materials, reminders, and follow-ups, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.