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Effortlessly enhance your BigCommerce store's engagement and conversion rates with seamless Poper integration.

BigCommerce + Poper Integration
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About BigCommerce Integration

Integrating Poper with BigCommerce allows you to leverage the power of AI-driven popups to boost your online store’s engagement and sales. This integration simplifies the installation and use of Poper popups on your BigCommerce site, enabling you to create dynamic, personalized interactions with your visitors.

Through features such as countdown timers, discount offers, and targeted messaging, Poper enhances the shopping experience and drives conversions.

With the Poper and BigCommerce integration, you'll be able to optimize user engagement and grow your email list through strategically implemented popups, without the need for complex setups or lead transfers.

Use Cases

Boost Sales with Countdown Timer Popups

Show countdown timers on your BigCommerce store to create a sense of urgency, encouraging visitors to make purchases before the offer expires. This strategy can effectively boost conversions and drive more sales.

Grow Your Email List with Subscription Popups

Use strategically timed popups to capture email addresses from your visitors. This helps build your email list for future marketing efforts, ensuring you have a direct line of communication with potential customers.

Offer Discounts to Targeted Users

Leverage UTM tags or geolocation data to show personalized discount offers to specific visitors. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of conversions by offering relevant deals to the right audience.

Showcase Exclusive Coupons

Display popups offering exclusive coupon codes to visitors. These coupons can incentivize purchases, encouraging visitors to complete their transactions and increasing your overall sales.

Engage Visitors with Real-Time Offers

Use Poper to create real-time engagement by showing popups with special promotions or announcements, keeping your visitors informed and actively engaged with your store.

Personalized Welcome Messages

Greet new visitors with customized welcome popups that introduce them to your store, products, or special offers. Personalized messages can enhance user experience and encourage further browsing or shopping.