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White Friday Sale

White Friday Sale

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Maximize your sales event with our "White Friday Sale" popup template!

This compact and eye-catching popup is designed to promote your White Friday Sale, making sure to grab user attention without overwhelming the screen.

  • Dimensions: 520px (width) x 350px (height)
  • Close Button (X): Allow users to dismiss the popup easily
  • Image (Shopping Bag with Flags): Eye-catching visual element that conveys the festive theme
  • Text (Salcom & Co., White Friday Sale): Clearly identify the brand and promotion
  • Text (Discount up to 50% off, Get ready..., Our Black Friday...): Highlight the discount and create urgency
  • Button (Shop Now): Strong call to action leading users directly to the sale

Here’s why you need this popup:

  • Capture attention: Contrasting colors and festive imagery make it unmissable.
  • Announce the sale: Clearly communicate discounts and create a sense of urgency.
  • Drive traffic: The "Shop Now" button directs users straight to your offers.
  • Versatile use: Perfect for Black Friday, White Friday, Cyber Monday, or any holiday sales event.

This template is perfect for e-commerce retailers in fashion, electronics, or any industry participating in Black Friday or similar sales events.

Start driving more traffic and boosting your sales with our White Friday Sale popup template!