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Signup and get off

Signup and get off

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Enhance your customer base with our "Signup and Get Off" popup template!

This pre-designed popup is perfect for restaurants, food delivery services, and food e-commerce sites. Capture user information in exchange for a 20% discount offer, making it an ideal tool for attracting new customers and building an email list for future promotions.

The popup features visually appealing food images to entice users and encourage sign-ups by showcasing delightful dishes.

  • Website entry: Display the popup as soon as a user lands on your website or specific page.
  • Exit intent: Trigger the popup when a user is about to leave the site, capturing their interest at the last moment.
  • Scroll depth: Show the popup after a user scrolls through a certain percentage of your page, indicating their engagement.
  • Time delay: Activate the popup after a set period on your site, ensuring users have enough time to get interested.

The customizable elements include:

  • Close Button (X): Users can easily dismiss the popup if they're not interested.
  • Input Fields (Name, Email): Collect information to build your email list for future marketing.
  • Sign Me Up Button: Encourages users to submit their details and claim the discount.
  • Sign Up and Get 20% Off Text: Clearly communicate the discount offer and its value.
  • Images of Food: Use enticing food images to create a desire to claim the offer.

Using this template, you can:

  • Personalize marketing campaigns with collected user data.
  • Ensure mobile responsiveness for a seamless experience on all devices.

Adhere to data privacy regulations by clearly stating how user information will be used.

Overall, the "Signup and Get Off" popup is a valuable tool for food businesses looking to grow their customer base, boost sales, and build stronger audience relationships.