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New Customer Discount

New Customer Discount

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Attract new customers with our "New Customer Discount" popup template! This popup is designed to convert new visitors into loyal customers by offering an enticing first-order discount.

With its compact and non-intrusive design, this popup overlays seamlessly on your website content, ensuring a smooth user experience. Here's what it features:

  • Eye-catching image: A shopping cart with bags to visually reinforce the discount offer.
  • Prominent text: "NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY" and "GET DISCOUNT" to clearly communicate the offer.
  • Email capture: Collects user email addresses for future marketing opportunities.
  • Strong CTA: "GET A DISCOUNT" button encouraging immediate action.

Ideal for e-commerce websites, this template effectively uses urgency and scarcity to motivate new visitors. It can be triggered in various situations:

  • Welcome popup: Activates when a new visitor lands on your website, making them aware of the offer.
  • Exit-intent popup: Appears when a user is about to leave, encouraging them to stay and make a purchase.

The template boasts a vibrant color scheme, a clean design, and a direct message to ensure clarity and effectiveness. Whether it's for holiday promotions or a standard welcome offer, this popup is a powerful tool for boosting conversions and growing your customer base.

Start converting new visitors into customers with our "New Customer Discount" popup today!