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New Course Released

New Course Released

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Promote your latest educational offering with our "New Course Released" popup template!

Designed to capture attention and generate leads, this popup is perfect for announcing new courses to your audience. With a clean design and compelling message, it invites visitors to enroll in your latest course with ease.

Key features include:

  • Immediate Attention: Display the popup as soon as visitors enter your site to inform them about the new course.
  • Time-Delayed Engagement: Allow users to explore your content before showing them the course promotion.
  • Exit Intent Capture: Reach out to visitors as they are about to leave, encouraging signups before they go.

Included elements:

  • Close Button (x): Easily dismiss the popup if visitors are not interested.
  • Announcement Text: Clearly state "New Course Release" and highlight key benefits to generate interest.
  • Email Input Field: Collect email addresses for future marketing and communications.
  • Register Now Button: Prompt visitors to take immediate action and sign up for the course.
  • Positive Imagery: Featuring a happy, engaged student to create a positive association with the course.

Perfect for:

  • Course Platform Landing Pages: Engage visitors who are specifically searching for new educational content.
  • Related Blog Posts: Target readers already engaged with the course topic.
  • Relevant Website Sections: Attract visitors browsing related content and convert them into leads.

Flexible and easy to customize, this popup can be quickly adapted for different course releases by changing the text and image. Start promoting your new courses effectively today!