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Free Shipping

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Attract more customers with our "Free Shipping" popup template!

This well-designed popup is ideal for e-commerce websites looking to boost first-time purchases by offering free shipping. It features a captivating image, clear messaging, and an email capture field to help grow your lead list.

  • Increase sales: Encourage new customers to make their first purchase with the attractive offer of free shipping.
  • Effective lead generation: Capture email addresses for future marketing efforts.
  • Simple customization: Easily change images and text to fit your brand and seasonal promotions.
  • Non-intrusive design: A modal window that is visible yet unobtrusive, ensuring a smooth user experience.

This popup includes:

  • Close Button: Allows users to dismiss the popup if they're not interested.
  • Engaging Image: Shopping cart with a heart, suggesting love for shopping; adaptable for various promotions.
  • Clear Headline: "Get Free Shipping" immediately communicates the offer.
  • Targeted Message: "We are giving free shipping to first-time customers" clarifies the incentive.
  • Email Capture Field: Collects user email addresses for lead generation.
  • Call to Action Button: "Get Free Shipping" prompts users to claim the offer.

Perfect for various entry points:

  • Appears when a user first visits the website for immediate impact.
  • Triggers when the user's mouse indicates they are about to leave, capturing last-minute leads.

Start converting visitors into customers with this enticing free shipping offer today!