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Ask for review

Ask for review

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Boost your online reputation and gather valuable customer feedback with our "Ask for Review" popup template!

This modal popup is designed to effectively capture user attention without completely obstructing the underlying content. It features several key elements to enhance user engagement and encourage reviews:

  • Close Button (X): Allows users to easily dismiss the popup if they're not interested in leaving a review.
  • Image: Showcases the product or service being reviewed or a related visual to attract attention.
  • Text: Clearly explains the purpose of the popup and requests users to provide a review.
  • Input Fields: Optional fields for users to enter their name and email address, simplifying the review process.
  • Rating (Star System): Quick and easy rating system for users to express their satisfaction level.
  • Submit Button: Finalizes and sends the user's review, making the process seamless.

This versatile template is suitable for a wide range of industries, including:

  • E-commerce: Collect feedback on products post-purchase.
  • SaaS Products: Gather insights from user experiences.
  • Restaurants/Hospitality: Capture customer feedback on dining and service quality.
  • Local Businesses: Encourage reviews on platforms like Google My Business or Yelp.
  • Blogs/Content Platforms: Solicit feedback on articles or content.

Our "Ask for Review" popup can be triggered through various events such as post-purchase, time-delayed, or exit-intent, ensuring optimal timing for user engagement. Additionally, consider offering incentives like discounts or prize draws to motivate users to leave reviews. Customize the design and message to align with your brand and ensure mobile responsiveness for a smooth user experience across devices.

Overall, this popup template offers a straightforward and effective way to enhance your offerings and build social proof through valuable customer feedback.