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Age Verification

Age Verification

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Ensure compliance and user safety with our "Age Verification" popup template!

This pre-designed popup helps you verify user age before granting access to age-restricted content. It's straightforward, clear, and prominently displayed, making it easy for users to understand and use.

  • Simple and direct: Asks, "ARE YOU 18 YEARS OLD?" with clear instructions to "Please verify your age to enter."
  • User-friendly design: Features "Yes, I am over 18" and "No, I am under 18" buttons for quick age confirmation.
  • Flexible and adaptable: Ideal for e-commerce sites, online casinos, adult entertainment, and content platforms with mature themes.
  • Compliance-ready: Helps your website adhere to age verification laws and regulations.
  • Option to enhance: Add date-of-birth input fields for more precise verification if needed.

Perfect for:

  • E-commerce platforms selling alcohol, tobacco, or other age-restricted products
  • Online casinos or gambling websites
  • Adult entertainment services
  • Content platforms with mature or adult themes

Make sure your site is compliant and user-friendly with our robust age verification popup!