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Effortlessly enhance your website's engagement and drive conversions with Poper and Zagomail integration.

Zagomail + Poper Integration
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About Zagomail Integration

The integration of Poper with Zagomail combines the power of intelligent user engagement with effective email marketing automation. Poper’s dynamic and customizable popups capture valuable leads from your website visitors, which are then seamlessly sent to Zagomail.

Zagomail’s robust automation capabilities allow you to send personalized and automated emails, newsletters, promotional offers, and more to these leads.

This integrated approach ensures that your audience is continuously engaged with relevant content, driving higher conversions and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Use Cases

Capture and Nurture Leads with Welcome Popups

Utilize Poper to greet new visitors with eye-catching welcome popups that capture their information and instantly sync it with Zagomail, enabling you to start nurturing these leads with personalized welcome emails.

Reduce Bounce Rates with Exit-Intent Offers

Deploy exit-intent popups through Poper to capture visitors who are about to leave your site. These leads are added to Zagomail, where you can send automated follow-up emails, newsletters, or special offers to re-engage them.

Deliver Targeted Content and Promotions

Show specific content upgrades, ebook downloads, or promotional offers as users navigate through your website. Poper captures their details, which are then synchronized with Zagomail for targeted email campaigns and automated follow-ups.

Boost Conversions with Time-Delayed Incentives

Display special promotions or discount codes after visitors spend a set amount of time on your site. The leads captured by Poper can then be sent to Zagomail, where automated emails can deliver the incentives and encourage conversions.

Recover Abandoned Carts with Popups

Use Poper to trigger popups when visitors abandon their shopping carts. These leads are sent to Zagomail, which can automate cart abandonment email sequences to recover lost sales with personalized reminders and offers.

Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter with attractive popups. Poper captures these new subscribers and sends their information to Zagomail, allowing you to keep them engaged with regular newsletters, updates, and personalized content.