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Effortlessly capture and organize leads with Poper and Google Sheets integration.

Google Sheets + Poper Integration
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About Google Sheets Integration

Integrating Poper with Google Sheets allows you to enhance lead capture and management with ease. Through Poper's dynamic and customizable popups, you can capture valuable visitor information in an engaging way.

This data is then automatically sent to Google Sheets, providing a centralized and collaborative platform for your team to manage and act on these leads efficiently.

By replacing traditional forms with interactive and multi-step popups, this integration ensures a seamless and efficient process for capturing, organizing, and utilizing leads.

Use Cases

Enhanced Lead Capture with Multi-Step Popups

Utilize Poper’s multi-step popups to capture detailed visitor information across various steps, and automatically send this data to Google Sheets for organized record keeping.

Collaborative Lead Management

Automatically populate Google Sheets with leads captured by Poper, enabling your team to collaborate in real-time, update statuses, and take coordinated actions to follow up on these leads.

Automated Data Organization

With leads sent directly to Google Sheets, you can leverage its powerful features to sort, filter, and analyze data, streamlining your workflow and decision-making process.

Custom Forms Replacement

Replace boring Google Forms with engaging Poper popups that capture visitor attention and collect data more effectively, while still maintaining the same easy data collection in Google Sheets.

Instant Lead Tracking

Keep track of leads in real-time with instant updates to Google Sheets from Poper popups, ensuring that your data is always current and actionable without any manual intervention.

Integration with Other Google Tools

Leverage the seamless integration of Google Sheets with other Google Workspace tools to create automated workflows, reminders, or even generate reports based on the leads captured by Poper.