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Enhance your website’s engagement and conversions by integrating Poper with Email Octopus effortlessly.

Email Octopus + Poper Integration
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About Email Octopus Integration

Poper, the AI-driven popup builder, now integrates seamlessly with Email Octopus to elevate your email marketing strategy. This integration allows you to capture leads through Poper’s intelligent, behavior-responsive popups and transfer them directly into your Email Octopus lists.

Once the leads are in Email Octopus, you can leverage their powerful automation tools to send personalized, automated emails, newsletters, promotional offers, discount coupons, and more.

This synergy between Poper and Email Octopus ensures that you maximize your lead potential and streamline your email marketing efforts for better engagement and higher conversion rates.

Use Cases

Welcome New Subscribers with Personalized Emails

Use Poper to capture new visitor information with engaging welcome popups. These leads are then automatically sent to Email Octopus, where they can be greeted with personalized welcome emails, setting the tone for a positive visitor experience.

Offer Exit-Intent Discounts to Retain Visitors

Deploy exit-intent popups via Poper to offer special discounts or deals to visitors about to leave your site. Collected leads are transferred to Email Octopus, where you can automate follow-up emails with additional offers or information.

Engage Content Readers with Ebook Downloads

Show targeted ebook download offers as users engage with your blog content. Capture their information with Poper popups and send these leads to Email Octopus, where automated follow-up emails can deliver the ebook and nurture further engagement.

Promote Sales and Special Offers with Time-Delayed Popups

Use Poper to display time-delayed popups featuring special promotions and offers after visitors spend a certain amount of time on your site. These leads are sent to Email Octopus, enabling you to follow up with automated emails about ongoing sales or promotions.

Recover Abandoned Carts with Timely Reminders

Capture visitors who abandon their carts with Poper's abandonment recovery popups. These leads are synced with Email Octopus, allowing you to send automated reminders and incentives to complete their purchase.

Grow Your Email List with Subscription Incentives

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter with Poper popups offering exclusive content, discounts, or other incentives. These new subscribers are then managed in Email Octopus, where you can send them targeted newsletters and promotional emails automated for optimal engagement.