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Active Pieces

Effortlessly automate your lead management and marketing workflows with Poper and Active Pieces integration.

Active Pieces + Poper Integration
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About Active Pieces Integration

Integrating Poper with Active Pieces allows you to seamlessly transfer leads captured through onsite engagement popups to a powerful no-code automation platform. Active Pieces functions like Zapier, enabling you to connect with hundreds of other tools and automate various marketing tasks effortlessly.

With this integration, you can create personalized user experiences using Poper's dynamic popups and then automate responses, manage newsletters, deliver offers, and much more using Active Pieces.

The combined power of Poper and Active Pieces ensures an efficient, cohesive approach to lead management and marketing automation.

Use Cases

Automate Welcome Emails

Capture visitor information using Poper's personalized popups and automatically send welcome emails through Active Pieces, ensuring an immediate and engaging introduction to your brand.

Deliver E-Books Instantly

Offer e-books or other downloadable content via Poper's popups and use Active Pieces to automatically deliver these resources to new leads, streamlining the content distribution process.

Send Discount Coupons

Use Poper to offer enticing discount coupons via popups and have Active Pieces automate the distribution to captured leads, maximizing conversions with minimal effort.

Dynamic Newsletter Subscriptions

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter through Poper's customized popups, with Active Pieces automating the process of adding subscribers to your mailing list and triggering welcome sequences.

Multi-Step Sales Funnels

Create complex, multi-step sales funnels that start with a popup engagement via Poper and leverage Active Pieces to automate follow-up emails, reminders, and personalized offers, ensuring a smooth and effective sales process.

Course and Webinar Sign-Ups

Capture interest for courses or webinars through Poper and use Active Pieces to automate the registration process, send reminders, and deliver relevant materials, ensuring a seamless user experience from sign-up to participation.